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Tell me More Kids 7.0

Developed by Auralog
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Tell me More Kids English is a software package we can buy directly from the developer's website. It is a program designed to teach English language to children ages 4 to 12. There three levels available: The Magic House (ages 4-7), The City (ages 7-9) and the Regions of The World (ages 9-12). There are two characters, Professor Phileas and his parrot who accompany the children in their learning adventure giving instructions for all the activities. We can select the language of these explanations between English,Spanish, German, Italian,Greek, French, Turkish and Croatian. There are more 3,000 words,1,200 activities,1,000 games, speech recognition,dialogue,pronunciation, everything aimed to give children the opportunity of listening,speaking,and singing (with the karaoke feature) in English while playing,learning and having fun.

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